Why Does CrossFit More Than a Regular Gym?

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Why Does CrossFit More Than a Regular Gym?

We hear this question all the time – WHY is CrossFit so expensive?  Here’s the one hundred percent no BS answer.  

When compared the cost to a regular gym membership at a local globo gym, we will call it The Fitness Hut, $20 is a bargain!   Cheaper, sure. But there’s no value in that membership. Let me explain.

The “Fitness Hut” has a business model built around the fact that you won’t use the gym.  Yes, they are banking on you not coming in. Truth is, only about 20% of “Fitness Hut” members actually utilize their gym membership on a regular basis. The other 80% stay at home or visit sporadically and continue to pay their minute membership costs.  What’s twenty bucks, right? For most, it’s a $20 bargain with a $0 value.  

Let’s say you fall into the minority above and religiously visit your Fitness Hut.  Side by side, let’s see how your value lines up with what you get in a CrossFit gym. Take the examples below:

Fitness Hut – workout on your own, do your own thing.

BTG CrossFit – Expert coach guides every class.


Fitness Hut – how long do I have to wait to use that station? Does a trainer even see me?

BTG CrossFit – No overcrowding as classes are capped at 10 members.


Fitness Hut – Hopes you don’t show up.

BTG CrossFit – The Community and coaches keep you accountable.


Fitness Hut – Some outside programming companies charge $40-$500 for programming.

BTG CrossFit – Each class is programmed and includes a warmup, mobility, proper movement pattern instruction, modifications for movements,  a strength component, a conditioning component, a cool-down, and workout tracking.


Fitness Hut – front desk attendant glances up from their phone as you scan your member number.

BTG CrossFit – first name basis with the owners & staff. Regular goal setting sessions to make sure members are progressing on the right track – we know you and your goals.


As for the cheap factor, The Fitness Hut may not cost as much but no question – you get what you pay for!

An even more logical explanation of the “expensive” nature of CrossFit is in the numbers. 

Our Unlimited CrossFit membership option is $165 a month. Those with unlimited memberships average 5-6 group classes per week, totaling about 24 classes per month. That’s LESS than $7 per class. Compare that to a local yoga studio who sells a 10 class card for $169, which comes to almost $17 per class.  Seven bucks for a group CrossFit class at Bridge The Gap CrossFit is less than what most of us spend on daily iced coffee.

Interested in seeing what we have to offer you and how we can help you reach your goals? Click here to book a FREE No Sweat Intro. See you soon!



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