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Keeping Your Focus

Resolutions:  mostly everyone has them. Some may call them by different names; goals, aim, purpose, etc. For purposes of this blog we will be calling them “focus.”

The problem with resolutions is that most people stop pursuing them by January 18th. Yes, only eighteen days before giving up.  Sounds crazy right?  With that date is quickly approaching, what’s your plan to keep moving forward?

Here are 6 ways keep you moving forward toward your 2020 goals!

1.)  No one can climb a staircase without touching some of the steps on the way up.  This means, take small steps by setting attainable short-term goals. Long-term goals are great for end results but short term goals are key to staying engaged with your actions.  Achieving small attainable goals adds up to big, long-term change.  Don’t be afraid to make daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

2.)  Write down your focus and place it where you can see. “Out of site, out of mind” happens when life gets busy.  Seeing a tangible reminder of your focus over and over again reminds us what are goals and to make them a priority.  Set reminders in your phone so you see and read your goals often.  Post-it notes can be a magical tool too!  Slap one on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, the visor in your car, anywhere you can see it and be reminded that your goals are important!

3.)  Check in on your focus regularly. Has it been a week already? Where do I stand? What did I do to get closer to my ideal year?  If I haven’t take action steps recently, how can I fix this to keep moving forward? A plan without action is just a wish.  Stop wishing & start doing by checking yourself early & often.

4.) Accountability is key.  Grab a partner. Make a pact to check in with one another and hold each other accountable to your focus.  Not only will you want to report good news to your accountability bestie, things are always more fun with friends!  When you take a positive step toward your goals, celebrate together.  Don’t wait until you get the big goal – reward every step along the way.

5.)  Track everything.  Walked or ran a mile today in 15:00?  AWESOME!  Document it in a journal or app because when you do it again tomorrow, next week or next month you can see your improvement. Measuring success and improvement is a massive motivating factor, even if it’s a few second, a few pounds on the scale, or a few more to-do’s checked off.

6.)  Set attainable goals.  Losing 100 pounds in 3 months is not only unhealthy (1-2 pounds a week is healthy), it isn’t realistic.  Chasing a goal that isn’t attainable sets you up for failure and can derail you from the big picture.  The big picture is to make changes to lifestyle that lead us to be happier, healthier, and harder to kill.

Not sure if your focus is attainable or achievable?   Goal-setting with a professional can help!  Your coach and trainer should be someone that is an expert in helping you set goals for yourself and help you along the way as you crush them.  Someone collecting a membership or monthly payment that isn;t invested in your results will not be a motivating factor in helping you live your “big picture” goals..  At Bridge The Gap CrossFit, our coaches set you up for success.  We help you set long-term goals, make a plan of action, celebrate your success along the way, keep you accountable when you slip up, and view our own success in your results.

Let us help you keep your FOCUS in 2020.   Book your No Sweat Intro today by clicking here.



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