O, my aching knees!

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O, my aching knees!

Finding relief from your knee pain really depends on what is causing the issue that’s making it difficult for you to go on with your exercise routine pain free. If your knee pain is due to an injury, surgery, or maybe arthritis, some gentle stretching and strengthening exercises will help to ease the pain while also improving your flexibility and range of motion at the same time. Getting rid of that nagging knee pain from exercising could just be a matter of perfecting your form when you run, squat or lunge. Are your knees tracking out over your toes in your squat? Are you staying in your heels? Are you striking the pavement or treadmill properly when you run? Maybe your lunge is compromised.

Another reason we might experience knee pain is we carry around excess weight, which in turn puts extra stress on our knees, which can then lead to things like osteoarthritis. Over time, osteoarthritis causes inflammation and loss of cartilage in the joints; ouch. Each pound of weight that you lose can reduce the load on the knee joint by 4 pounds!!!!! Lose 5 pounds, and that’s 20 fewer pounds per step that your knees must support. Less pressure means less wear and tear on the knees. Even if your knees don’t hurt right now, shedding unwanted weight could reduce knee pain that might arise in the future.

If you’re currently in an exercise routine, make sure you are warming up properly before you hit the workout. At Bridge The Gap CrossFit we take everyone through a designed warm up to get the muscles stimulated and ready to go. But everyone is different, and that warm up might not be enough for you. Me, personally, I usually show up early to the classes that I participate in and do some “extra” warming up on my own before class. I know it takes my body a little longer to warmup, especially in the winter ( just like a car), so make sure you doing what is right for YOU and your body.

Do you cool down and stretch after your workout? This is the greatest time to stretch and take care of your muscles and joints since everything is warm and pliable. Take 5-10 minutes afterwards, grab a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or stretching buddy and do some self care. It will pay off with huge dividends. We have a lounge upstairs dedicated to this type of thing, so take advantage of it when you can.

Remember, our bodies are built to exercise and move, especially through full range of motion. If we don’t put our muscles and joints through full range of motion, we start to lose that motion. Putting a stop to your exercise is not always the best option and can have an adverse effect. Not sure where you fit in with all of this? Grab a coach and let’s chat about how we can help you eliminate pain when exercising.

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