Wall Sprints Drill

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Wall Sprints Drill


One of the best ways to get faster is to perform the Wall Sprint drill, which allows you to focus on your technique with each step – thus the athlete is able to learn proper sprint mechanics one stride at a time, make corrections and gradually progress.

The wall sprint allows the athlete to get used to the feel of the power line position, which is the ideal form to propel the athlete forward and allows the muscles to exert maximum power. In the “power line” position, the athlete’s head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are all aligned, with a 45 degree lean forward. The athlete’s thigh is perpendicular to their torso, creating a high knee drive. This will allow the athlete’s hips to move through a full range of motion. If the knee is to low, this creates short choppy strides that lacks power. Both the front and back shins are in a 45-degree angle as well. If the shins are to upright, they will absorb the athlete’s momentum and slow he/she down. Lastly, the athlete keeps their ankle dorsiflexed, which engages the Achilles tendon and calf muscles which helps transfer power from the hips and thigh, through the foot and into the ground.

Single Leg March:

Position your hands on the wall in front of your shoulders with your arm straight out. Step back until your body is at a 45-degree angle. Lift one leg into the high knee position, keeping your foot flexed towards your shin. Quickly, lower your leg tapping your foot to the ground and immediately return to the starting position. Do not allow your heel to come in contact with the ground during the tap. Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the ending position of the march.

Fast Two-Count:

Set up is the same as above, but perform two marches where the led foot switches each rep.

Fast Three Count:

This time, the athlete performs 3 marches ending on the same leg he/she started with. 
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